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A $2 Raise? New Maryland SOS Notary Fees

Breaking News: Maryland Secretary of State Notary Fees
Breaking News: Maryland Secretary of State Notary Fees

New Proposal Recently, the Maryland State Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) approved new rates based on a proposal to amend Regulations .02, .03, .09, and .10 under COMAR 01.02.08 Notary Public: General Regulations. This proposal aimed to adjust the fees charged for notary services provided by commissioned Notaries Public. The new rates are expected to take effect January 22, 2024.

"Statement of Purpose - The purpose of this action is to increase the fee notaries public may charge for the performance of notarial acts and remote notarial acts as recently authorized by the enactment of Ch. 715, Acts of 2022, and to increase the application processing fee that a notary public pays to complete their new or renewal application with the Secretary of State. The proposed action increases the fee from $6 to $8 for the performance of a notarial act and from $25 to $30 for the performance of a remote notarial act. The proposed action also allows the Secretary of State to charge an application fee of $25 for a notary application. A notary is commissioned for a 4-year term. The increased application fee would be paid once every 4 years."

Overall, the new rates approved by the Maryland SOS are expected to be beneficial for the state and its citizens. This change will ensure that the fees charged are fair and reasonable, and that the cost of providing services is covered. It is a positive step towards improving the services offered by the Notaries Public and ensuring that they meet the needs of the public.

New Fees

The State of Maryland has approved a new set of fees for notary services. These fees were proposed by the Maryland Secretary of State, and have been approved to take effect. The new fees will apply to notary services provided by individuals as well as companies.

The fees for notary services in Maryland are now as follows:

  • $8.00 for each signature on the original or first copy of the record

  • $4.00 for each signature on each additional copy of the same record

  • $8.00 for each certified copy of a record

  • $30.00 for a remote online notarization

Stay Up To Date

It is important to note that these fees are subject to change, and notaries should always check with the Maryland Secretary of State for the most up-to-date fee schedule. If you are in need of notary services in Maryland, it is recommended that you contact a commissioned notary public to ensure that you are receiving the correct services at the correct fee.

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