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JET Signature Terms of Service

Notaries public play a critical role in the legal system. We verify the authenticity of signatures, administer oaths, and certify copies of important documents. As such, JET Signature takes our duties seriously and adhere to best practices when providing notarial services. We notarize documents as required and assist with obtaining apostille and legalization services for all types of documents. JET Signature is commissioned to perform notarizations in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

  1. JET Signature provides notary and apostille, both direct and educational, and related services in various capacities for consumers and other notaries public. and Clearly define the scope of your services: Your terms of service should clearly outline the services you offer, as well as any limitations or restrictions on those services. This will help ensure that your clients understand what they can expect from you and can make informed decisions about whether or not to hire you.

  2. JET Signature complies with all state laws and regulations: Notaries are subject to state laws and regulations, which vary by jurisdiction. Your terms of service should clearly state that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and that your clients are responsible for ensuring that their documents are legally valid.

  3. All signer(s) must be in the present for notary service. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • If an oath/jurat is required, the document MUST be signed in front of the notary. If it is signed prior to then signer(s) will be required to resign in the presence of the notary AND take an oath or make statement of affirmation administered by the Notary. There are no exceptions.

    • Non-English Speaking Signers

      • JET Signature must be able to communicate with all signers WITHOUT the aide of an interpreter.

  4. Notary Fees:

    1. Maryland - Effective January 22, 2024 the State of Maryland Secretary of State (SOS) has approved the following fees for Maryland notary services.

    2. Fees for notary services in Maryland are as follows (does not include travel fees):

      • $8.00 for each signature on the original or first copy of the record

      • $4.00 for each signature on each additional copy of the same record

      • $8.00 for each certified copy of a record

      • $30.00 for a remote online notarization (not available in DC)

    3. District of Columbia - Based on the Notary Commissions and Authentications Notary Public Handbook revised 8.2023 the following fee is applicable for the District of Columbia.

    4. Fees for notary services in the District of Columbia are as follows:

      • $5.00 per notarial act. Government commissioned notaries are prohibited by law from charging for their notarial services.

  5. Refusal to notarize:

    1. A notary may refuse to notarize a document if the notarization would result in an illegal or improper act or the notary knows that the transaction is fraudulent.

    2. ​The most frequent reasons to deny a notarization is that notary cannot satisfactorily identify a signer, a signer does not appear to be competent or aware, or the signer is under duress.

    3. There may be other valid reasons to deny a request for notarization.

  6. Travel and Mileage Fees:

    1. JET Signature is a Mobile Business and as such there is a fee for our providers to meet you regardless of location. These fees are regulated by the state and will be charged accordingly.

    2. In most instances, the travel fee is paid at the same time as the notary fee unless the roundtrip mileage is 10-miles or more, in which case, the travel fee must be paid in advance. This fee can be paid using Zelle or CashApp payment options.

    3. Travel fees paid in advance or due at time of service are non-refundable once travel to the location has commenced.

    4. Maryland - A Notary Public may demand and receive reimbursement at the prevailing rate for mileage established by the Internal Revenue Service for business travel and a fee not to exceed $5 for travel if required for the performance of a notarial act. The IRS mileage rate for 2024 is 67 cents per mile.

      • Example: If JET Signature travels 10 miles roundtrip to perform notarial act the travel fee with mileage is calculated as follows:

        • 10 x .067 centers per mile + $6.70 +$5.00 travel rate = $12.00 (rounded)

    5. District of Columbia - A notary may charge, upon agreement of the person to be charged, an amount not to exceed the actual and reasonable expense of traveling to a place where a notarial act is to be performed if it is not the usual place where the notary performs notarial acts. Traveling expenses shall be in writing, itemized, and separate from the fee for the notarial act. § 1–1231.23. For JET Signature this fee starts at $20 based on 20-miles roundtrip. If use of a parking garage or meter is needed, that fee will be added to the travel fee as well.

  7. Payment

    • We accept cash as payment, HOWEVER, Notary does not carry additional cash and cannot make change. Please have exact payment.

    • ZELLE electronic payment accepted using email

    • CashApp: $JETSignatureNotary

    • Credit Card is accepted for transactions $25 and up.

  8. Apostille Services - The facilitation of getting your documents Apostilled is inclusive of a very specific set of services and are outlined under an additional and separate Terms of Service agreement. (Link here)

  9. Appointments/Consultations - Must be made in advance AND confirmed by both the notary and signer(s). If signer does not confirm appointment and/or secondary confirmation if sent JET Signature will consider the appointment canceled. If a travel fee was paid, this fee is non-refundable, but can be applied to rescheduled appointment.

    1. Time Allotments (estimates)

      • General Notary Appointments – 15-Minutes average for 1-2 documents up to two signers each document. More documents and/or signers will take longer.

      • Loan Signings/Real Estate Transactions – 1-2 hours depending on number of signers and how many documents need to be signed and/or notarized.

      • Loan Modifications - -10-Minutes average for 1-2 documents up to two signers each document. More documents and/or signers will take longer.

  10. JET Signature complies with all state laws and regulations: Notaries are subject to state laws and regulations, which vary by jurisdiction. JET Signature will ensure that your documents notarization(s) are legally valid.

  11. JET Signature will maintain confidentiality and security of access to any private information and identification records according to state laws and professional code of conduct.

  12. Each notary public shall maintain a journal which chronicles each the notary public's notarial acts. Each entry in a journal shall be made contemporaneously with performance of the notarial act. This information is stored securely. Physical or electronic documents will be destroyed and/or shredded. after they have been notarized.

Revised January 20, 2024

Disclaimer: " I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this state. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities."

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